Table with stools

Cross-breeding types, function and purpose…


This project I based on a research I did in cross-breeding different types, functions and purposes of furniture. The basic idea of this research is to come up with new types of furniture. Instead of designing the exterior of the object, I try to experiment with the fundamental idea of it. In this series the table and the chair are mixed into one. The table has a stool connected to every leg or the stools carry the table. The leg/stool can turn 360˚ which allow different seating positions around or storage for the stool under the table. The table is constructed in metal with wooden surfaces. The wood is laying inside the metal frame instead of on top of it. This to emphasize the lines of the table and chairs. All the pieces are handmade by me and at this stage are finished prototypes or “one-offs”.

Date 2003
  • Steel
  • Sheet Material

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  • TableWithStools04
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